My own personal Titanic-sized Disaster.

I can’t believe it has been almost 8 months since I made a post. I planned on doing so much more with this website, and have it up and running completely by now. But my life has been an utter disaster since last June/July.

At first we had some medical issues within the family, followed up by some very serious issues with a family friend that could have resulted serious charges being pressed against the same family member. This was hard to deal with.

Around this same time, I started a new relationship. (My husband and I are poly, so he is 100% okay with this, especially as they are best friends.) My daughter did not like my new partner, but this had been the case with every person I had dated in my life. This also included most platonic friendships I had as well. For this reason, I continued the relationship, because it made me happy. My daughter and I had an argument and me about how late I was going to be out on a date, and she treated me like a child about it. This led my new partner to having some choice words with her. This created a huge rift between everyone.

In August, our basement caught on fire. We would have died, had my new partner not been visiting. My husband and I would have already been in bed. I had not put batteries in the smoke alarms. Overall the fire was minor, as their was no structural damage to the house. The big issue was electrical lines, gas lines, an hvac line, and water lines were all damaged. The waterline damage, actually helped control the fire. Due to all the utility damage, the city marked the house as unlivable till we got all the repairs done.

We have 5 cats and 2 dogs, and no one who could take them in. This meant the animals had to stay in the house. The weather was okay enough with windows open, that this worked. We came by the house twice daily to feed the animals, but they were very frightened and did not adjust well to not having any humans around throughout the day. This led to them urinating in places they should not. So in addition to the fire damage, we also have to replace flooring and furniture.

At this point in time all of the fire damage has been repaired and approved. The final inspection should be approved this week. I should be working on the flooring in the next week or two. Hopefully we will be back in the house by the end of March.

The worst of thing of all, is I am now estranged from my daughter. Due to multiple issues, she has decided she doesn’t want me in her life anymore. Unfortunately, I realize at this time neither of us are healthy for each other.

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