My own personal Titanic-sized Disaster.

I can’t believe it has been almost 8 months since I made a post. I planned on doing so much more with this website, and have it up and running completely by now. But my life has been an utter disaster since last June/July.

At first we had some medical issues within the family, followed up by some very serious issues with a family friend that could have resulted serious charges being pressed against the same family member. This was hard to deal with.

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Still Cleaning

I still hate cleaning.  I am working on my sewing room right now.  Once I am finished with this area, I should be able to start updating this website more.  I am also working on my Master’s in Special Education.  The class I am currently taking is kicking my butt.  I am learning a lot, but I feel like I am spending more time trying to make sure I cover all my bases to pass with a B (I really want an A, but not sure if that is possible). The professor is really strict on citation rules and such.

I HATE Cleaning

So I have a secret and I am ashamed by it. I guess it won’t really be a secret for much longer, but I really hate cleaning. I hate cleaning enough to where I don’t actually do it. Then the house is so bad, that it begins driving me crazy so I have to do it. It’s a vicious cycle. I am at the point where I sometimes wonder if I will be able to get my house clean without professional help.

I have joined countless challenges on Facebook to try and keep myself motivated. It never lasts past the first room. Usually, I start with the kitchen as it is the most important room in the house (Well, that’s debatable. I kinda think my sewing room is the most important room, but I’m a little biased.) This time, I am starting in reverse this time. I started with our game room/library. This is mainly because all our crap got dumped in this room after Origins. Next, I will be doing my sewing room. I made this website, I need to be able to sew to put stuff on here. After that, I will go into the basement. The basement makes me nervous because it is a disaster and is full of bugs.

If my calculations are correct, in the game room I need to organize our Origins stuff, our board games, and the other bookcases in the room. My goal is to be finished with this before Sunday.

After Origins Update

Wow, Origins was crazy this year.  I wanted to do daily updates to this site during Origins, but that didn’t happen due to all the chaos.

We had to change hotel rooms in the middle of the convention, our friend’s hotel room got canceled because of us trying not to have to change rooms in the middle of the con.  My daughter sprained her ankle during the con and was in a wheelchair most of the con.   The wife of one of my husbands GM got into a bad car accident (she was fine, car totaled),   This along with getting bad news from a couple people during the con, and one death leading up to the con.

Plus, I found out that I have gained weight so a lot of my costumes don’t fit me anymore.  None of my corsets that I have from prior years actually fit.  Time to lose weight.  But before that can happen, we have to figure out my daughter’s new diet.  She was diagnosed with gastroparesis.

Finally, I pulled a muscle in my back which has me on steroids and muscle relaxers for 5 days.

On a positive note, my daughter got engaged during Origins.  She is wearing the Starfire Costume I made her.

Also, I am less than a week away from completing the first class towards my Master’s Degree in Special Education.

2 Days and Counting

I am disappointed, as I will not get to do my big costume for Origins this year.  I have an image in my mind of how it is supposed to look, and it requires a working embroidery machine and more time that I currently have.  So it joins my Belle costume on the backburner for later in the year.  It will turn out better without having to rush it.  Also, I will be able to use the pattern to make some tutorials.   As much as I want to have this costume, the timing does not work.

The good news is my kid’s costumes are just about finished.  In the long run, that was what was most important to me.  I did get one new costume for myself done for this year.  Going to do some repairs to my previous year costumes so I can get pictures for the cosplay section of this website.

More good news is that I found the files I need for one of my events.

3 Days and Counting

So starting a website and blog 3 days before the major convention that my family attends may not have been the smartest plan in the world, but I guess it’s too late now.

It is currently Cosplay Chaos in the castle.  We check in to our hotel in about 60 hours.  For Origins Game Fair this year, new costumes are:

  • My daughter – Starfire from Teen Titans (Working on Boots & Bracers still)
  • My son – Link from Zelda Twilight Princess (Working on Bracers still)
  • My daughter’s BBF – Jinx from Teen Titans (Hand Sewing Buttons)
  • My BBF – Vintage inspired Star Wars Dress (Hand Sewing Buttons and facings)
  • Me – Little Red Riding Hood (add Waist Band, trim around the hem, and bustle)
  • Me – Grim Reaper (Haven’t started sewing)

I should also mention that I am running events and still need to do some edits to the character sheets and such.  I see many 5-hour energy drinks in my future.