I HATE Cleaning

So I have a secret and I am ashamed by it. I guess it won’t really be a secret for much longer, but I really hate cleaning. I hate cleaning enough to where I don’t actually do it. Then the house is so bad, that it begins driving me crazy so I have to do it. It’s a vicious cycle. I am at the point where I sometimes wonder if I will be able to get my house clean without professional help.

I have joined countless challenges on Facebook to try and keep myself motivated. It never lasts past the first room. Usually, I start with the kitchen as it is the most important room in the house (Well, that’s debatable. I kinda think my sewing room is the most important room, but I’m a little biased.) This time, I am starting in reverse this time. I started with our game room/library. This is mainly because all our crap got dumped in this room after Origins. Next, I will be doing my sewing room. I made this website, I need to be able to sew to put stuff on here. After that, I will go into the basement. The basement makes me nervous because it is a disaster and is full of bugs.

If my calculations are correct, in the game room I need to organize our Origins stuff, our board games, and the other bookcases in the room. My goal is to be finished with this before Sunday.