My Story

Is your idea of a perfect gaming table, one that is filled with creepy music, gothic decor, and a gamekeeper ready to immerse you in the story-driven world she has created? If so welcome to my dark castle. Pull up a chair, and I will tell you why Eldritch Queen Games should be your go-to for horror-based convention gaming.

I am good at what I do because I have been doing it for years. I have also been creating character-driven stories, longer than I knew what role-playing games were. As a child, I was never satisfied with simply playing house. There needed to be drama or some sort of plot with a mission to be solved. Also, I had to get my friends involved so we were all acting out these deeply woven stories. Also, we needed costumes, which was one of the most important aspects of our stories. I loved dress-up clothes and trying to look like my favorite characters.

As I grew into my teen years and adulthood, my skills became more focused. I learned to sew, which eventually led to me making my own costumes for Halloween. I also found that I had a skill for throwing creative parties. I would choose a theme and go all out. I wanted my guests to be immersed in the experience. Decorations, music, food, all of it had a purpose. Halloween was always my favorite because it gave me a chance to put on costumes once again, and I loved the creepy atmosphere. Afraid of looking like a freak, my costumes had buried away except for at Halloween time.

Eventually, I was introduced to Dungeons and Dragons. Then I went to my first convention and found out that RPG’s could be more ROLE-play vs ROLL-play. Plus people at these conventions wore costumes, I was under a spell. After much trial and error, I found myself with a group of mostly like-minded people, and our gaming room was amazing, we called it the “big show”. It included special lighting and an inflatable Cthulhu I also started a company, Eldritch Queen LLC to focus on my sewing and cosplay endeavors.

As with many things, Covid appears to have killed my convention group. Even though my group will no longer be at Origins and other game fairs, I plan to continue their legacy. I will start as a one-man team and add more gamemasters if given the opportunity. I will keep the “big show” alive the best I can.