I have been sewing for around 30 years. I have been cosplaying for around 18 years unless you count playing dress up as a little girl. If that counts then I have been cosplaying for 35 years.

Alright, that’s enough talk about years. It’s making me feel old. That said, I am old. That’s why I am a queen and not a princess.

I am currently married to a wonderful man. We have two adult children that are mine from a previous marriage. His day job is payroll clerk, while I teach technology to grades K-8. I am currently working on my Masters in Special Education. When not taking care of official duties around the castle, our family loves to play games. My husband is currently developing his own role-playing game through his company Thenodrin Games I write and run my own horror based games at Origins Game Fair through Rogue Cthulhu. My daughter runs Werewolf, a social deception game at Origins. My son volunteers for Origins and loves video games.